How we work


The design team, which consists of a dozen professionals, is devoted to giving shape and colour to these designs. Quality control is carried out on each item that comes to our distribution centre to ensure that there are no defects. The result is aesthetically attractive and technically perfect collections.

We have always been committed to providing quality in the choice of materials and designs for our lingerie. Flawless lingerie that is practically custom made, feels good on every woman, and is sought after by customers around the world. Anyone who wears it comes back for more.

Our design department is constantly exploring the markets and observing international trends in the lingerie sector. Every year, our dedicated purchasing department and suppliers ensure that we bring collections with innovative designs and materials to the market.

We are constantly undergoing technological developments, which has led to a substantial improvement in the quality of our work. The management of our distribution centre is performed using the EAN13 international coding system which, together with our new radio technology, ensures accuracy in deliveries.

Our goals remain unchanged over time: to be innovative in the design of underwear and swimwear, to be discerning in the selection of our materials, to be at the forefront in technologies for the manufacture of our products, to maintain the highest standards of quality in everything we do, to expand our brand throughout the world, to consolidate ourselves in new sales channels such as social media and the internet, and to continue offering women an exceptional product.

We are also committed to environmental care, so we do not use materials such as dyes or chemicals that are harmful to the environment. We comply with the Ecoembes eco-packaging system, and all waste generated at any stage of our processes is recycled or incinerated. We have obtained the OEKO-TEX label for our products, which ensures the absence of substances that are harmful to the human body.

We have had ISO9001 Quality Certification: 2008 since 2001 to ensure minimum standards in all phases of our production cycle.