How to calculate your bra's size?

To measure yourself, use a bra with rim. It doesn't matter if you don't have foam, but you can't be push up. Place the pie and relax and put your arms around the body.

Measure your body on the lower chest and you will get the measurement in centimeters. Then measure your body around the chest in the widest area and you will get the measurement of the chest or the bust.

A woman whose underbust measurement is 76 centimeters and a bust measurement of 92 centimeters will wear a size 90 C cup.

Measurement under chest / contour (cm)63-6768-7273-7778-8283-8788-9293-9798-102103-107108-112
Chest / bust measurement (cm))
Cup A77-7982-8487-8992-9497-99102-104107-109112-114117-119122-124
Cup B79-8184-8689-9194-9699-101104-106109-111114-116119-121
Cup C81-8386-8891-9396-98101-103106-108111-113116-118121-123126-128
Cup D83-8588-9093-9598-100103-105108-110113-115118-120123-125128-130
Cup E85-8790-9295-97100-102105-107110-112115-117120-122125-127103-132
Cup F87-7992-9497-99102-104107-109112-114117-119122-124127-129132-134

How to calculate your size of panties or girdles?

In this case there is only one measure. Stand upright with your legs closed, measure your body around the hip in the widest area and you will have the measurement of the hip in centimeters.

Outerwear sizing323436384042444648505254
Panties sizeT. 1T. 2T. 3T. 4T. 5T. 6
Girdle size

T. 3

T. 4T. 5T. 6T. 7T. 8
Hip measurement (cm)86-94 cm
94-102 cm

102-110 cm

110-118 cm

118-126 cm126-134 cm