How can I buy on Selmark?

Buying your Selmark lingerie is easier than you think. There are two ways to do it, you can go to your nearest store or you can easily buy from our online lingerie shop:

1. Find your perfect item

You can search through the lingerie catalogue by model (push-up bras, foam bras, corselets, thongs, etc.), by collection and special offers or in the search engine by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the shop. You can perform an advanced search to see what designs we have available in the size and colour that you want.You can view all the information within each item including its composition, available colours and product images. When you have decided what you want, just add it to your basket!

2. Add it to the basket

When you find the perfect item (or items), just click on the Add to Basket button to create your order. You can add the items you want while browsing the catalogue and then just choose the ones you want before you confirm your order. To view everything in your basket, click the icon in the top right corner of the shop.

3. Confirm your order

Before confirming your order, you can view everything that you have added, delete products, change colours, and apply discount vouchers if you are already a Selmark user. When your shopping basket is ready, you just have to log in (if you have not already done so) or register if you are not a Selmark user yet. But don’t worry, you can continue with your order without losing what you had added to the basket!

4. Where do you want it delivered to?

Let us know which address you want us to send your new items to, your billing information, and how you want to pay. Then your order has been made! You can also track the delivery through MRW.

Enjoy all the advantages

You can enjoy many advantages when placing your orders by just registering on Selmark:

1. Your private profile

Manage all your information, orders and discount options in your private profile, view everything you’ve bought, and see the status of your new orders, among other things.

To access your private profile, simply click on the user icon in the upper right corner of the page. From there, you can view all the information that we will explain below. When you want to log out, just click on the icon on the right.

2. Points and discounts

Collect discount points to apply on your purchases. For every ten euros in your order, you will receive one point which you can deduct from your next order. You can also get discount vouchers for inviting your friends, and enjoy special promotions and many exclusive offers on the online shop. Find out more here.

3. Save your size

You can save your bra size so that it appears by default on all the items that you view and add to your basket, but you can place orders for other sizes whenever you want. It’s easy! Just go to the size calculator, enter your measurements following the instructions, and then click on the Remember my size button (when you are logged in).

If you want to buy an item in another size, just indicate the size you want for that particular item before adding it to your basket.

4. Your favourite items

You can save the items you wear or like the most in the favorites list on your private profile. Just click the heart icon to add it to your list and re-click on it to make it disappear. This way you can have the items that you like the most to hand.

5. Your addresses

You can also save all your usual addresses in your private profile so that you don’t have to fill them in on your orders. Just click on the Add an address option, fill in the information, and save your new address. From then on it will be available for all your orders, and you can change it or choose another one at any time.

6. Check your orders

You can view all the orders you have made with us through the website so that you can search for items that you want to buy again, find out when you made an order, what discounts you have used and so on. Just go to your private profile and click on the All my orders option, where you can also see an image of all the products that we sent you with it.

And find out all the news

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