We are a Spanish family-owned business, located in the city of Vigo, which has been dedicated to providing women with intimate apparel that best suits their body shapes and lifestyles for 40 years. Three generations of women have put their trust in us, exceeding the expectations of our founder Amador Perez back in 1975.

The evolution of lingerie has been as unstoppable as the modern woman, and we have gone from producing three or four models in just a couple of colours (which was enough to complete a stable collection four decades ago) to handling fifteen lingerie and underwear product lines with over eight thousand references and producing two million units annually.

We have always been committed to quality in the choice of materials for ourimpeccable garments, which are practically custom made, feel good on every woman, and are sought after by our customers around the world.

Today, we generate over 300 direct jobs and 320 indirect jobs, and are firmly established in over 40 countries. The company’s management is now in its second generation, and with it we have adapted to the times, becoming fresher, and more modern and dynamic. We have also led the way in our internationalisation process, which has been one of our most rewarding experiences.

We have been able to get where we are thanks to a long and costly process, learning at each step from every situation, contact and country. As a result of all this, we have achieved our hallmark of firmness, comfort, and technical perfection.