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We are a Spanish family-owned business, located in the city of Vigo, which has been dedicated to providing women with intimate apparel that best suits their body shapes and lifestyles for 40 years. Three generations of women have put their trust in us, exceeding the expectations of our founder Amador Perez back in 1975.

The evolution of lingerie has been as unstoppable as the modern woman, and we have gone from producing three or four models in just a couple of colours (which was enough to complete a stable collection four decades ago) to handling fifteen lingerie and underwear product lines with over eight thousand references and producing two million units annually.

We have always been committed to quality in the choice of materials for ourimpeccable garments, which are practically custom made, feel good on every woman, and are sought after by our customers around the world. Today, we generate over 300 direct jobs and 320 indirect jobs, and are firmly established in over 40 countries. The company’s management is now in its second generation, and with it we have adapted to the times, becoming fresher, and more modern and dynamic. We have also led the way in our internationalisation process, which has been one of our most rewarding experiences.

We have been able to get where we are thanks to a long and costly process, learning at each step from every situation, contact and country. As a result of all this, we have achieved our hallmark of firmness, comfort, and technical perfection.

Our collections are designed to satisfy each and every one of the needs of today's woman, whose style changes according to the circumstances. From the most basic lines to the most sophisticated garments, for parties, without forgetting the control collections.

At Selmark we manufacture some fifteen lines of lingerie and corsetry products with more than two hundred models and eight thousand references, including models, colors, sizes and cups, which give shape to a complete range of women's lingerie made up of bras, panties, bodies, bustiers, corselets and other lingerie, such as nightgowns and pajamas.

Bridal lingerie deserves special attention, to which we dedicate a good number of special garments, for all styles. There is a Selmark garment for every bride.

In 2014 we launched Selmark Mare, the swimwear collection, aimed at women loyal to the brand. A collection that bears the indisputable hallmark of the house: garments with an impeccable aesthetic and technical invoice, without great fanfare but with perfect finishes, differentiating details, the best quality fabrics (basically European) and the shapes, patterns that characterize us and that our users could not find in the market.

Our first requirement is the vocation of dressing women from the inside with corsetry lines that combine comfort and attractive design. The choice of raw materials, the design of the collections or the manufacturing processes meet the quality requirements required by the most exclusive corsetry markets. A job that results in our consolidation as a prestigious brand.

We have managed to ensure that our customers maintain their complete confidence in our products over the years. The result of this is our indisputable leadership position in the sale of corsetry, lingerie and swimwear. We are currently the reference brand for women where each one of them is more demanding, in her most intimate clothing.

The design team, made up of a dozen professionals, takes care of giving shape and color to our patterns. We carry out a quality control on each garment that arrives at our warehouse, to guarantee the absence of defects. And the result is aesthetically attractive and technically perfect collections.

Our bet has always been quality in the choice of materials and design, at the service of pattern making. An impeccable pattern, almost made-to-measure, that suits every woman and that is recognized by our clientele from all over the world. Who tries, repeats.

The design department constantly investigates the markets, observing the new international trends in the intimate fashion sector. The purchasing department and suppliers ensure that each year we present innovative collections in terms of design, the type of materials and the colors used.

We are permanently immersed in a process of technological evolution, which has led to a substantial improvement in our quality of work. The control of warehouse departures is carried out using the international EAN13 coding system which, together with the new radio frequency technology, guarantees the accuracy of shipments.

Our objectives remain unchanged over time: to be innovative in the design of underwear or swimwear, to be exacting in the selection of materials, to be cutting-edge in technology for the manufacture of our products, to maintain the highest quality standards throughout. what we do, expand our brand to all corners of the world, and consolidate ourselves in new sales channels such as social networks, the internet, etc. and continue offering women an exceptional national product.

In addition, we focus on caring for the environment, and for this reason we do not use materials that are harmful to the environment such as dyes or chemical substances. Selmark adheres to the Ecoembes eco-packaging system and all waste generated at any stage of our processes is recycled or incinerated. We have obtained the OEKO-TEX label for our products, which ensures the absence of harmful substances for the human body.

We have had the ISO9001:2008 Quality Certification since 2001 to ensure standards in all phases of our production cycle.


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