In 2012 we have been c

ertified in the research, development and innovation management system based on standard UNE 166002, which fosters the development of research, development and innovation projects that bring added value to the company’s processes and will keep us in our current leading position when facing future challenges.

We are currently working on manufacturing projects for protection underwearand special garments for women who have had a mastectomy.

We are constantly engaged in a technological development process, the main milestone of which was the introduction of SAP as a company ERP system in 2004. This step has been instrumental in standardising our processes and has given us enormous advantages in terms of integration, safety and reliability. SAP is the company’s integrated management system. Another of the major projects that we undertook was to successfully automate pre-sale processes through mobile devices such as PDAs and laptops.

In recent years, we have also acquired new production equipment and have established agreements with several technology institutes with whom we collaborate regularly with in the development of new products. We are at the forefront of technology in all phases of our production processes.

We have modern CAD systems, the most precise robotic cutters, and the latest laser cutting machine.

All this has led to a substantial improvement in the quality of work of our sales network, which now has a platform that offers online information about the status of customers, invoices, stock, etc., while also enabling the instant introduction of orders into our IT system.

Some of the other actions being carried out by our Engineering Department, in collaboration with the Quality Control and Production department, include the automation of quality control management, the modernisation of manufacturing processes, the improvement of picking and packaging processes, and the recent completion of a laser cutting project. All this demonstrates our commitment to technology.

We have mostly financed these projects with our own funds, and thanks to them we are about to reach the milestone of having produced four million units.

Project SALTO