Where we come from

Dressing three generations of women since 1975

It has been 40 years of constant work and effort to offer women the intimate clothing that best suits their body and lifestyle. Three generations of women have given us their trust, and that is probably much more than what our founder Amador Pérez thought back in 1975, because intimate fashion has evolved to the unstoppable rhythm of women.


The start of a revolution

Selmark began its activity in a decade that marked a revolution in the way of life and dress of Spanish women, in which we went from a discreet, almost invisible woman to a woman who was beginning to emerge as a person who decided, who thought by itself and claiming its place in society.

Selmark will be founded by Amador J. Pérez in 1975

Its founder and owner, Amador Pérez, already had experience in the textile sector and saw corsetry as a more stable sector than outdoor fashion and, at the same time, in need of design. Until then, women's underwear in Spain had simply been at the service of functionality and aesthetics were not a priority. Selmark was born in this context, with the aim of offering women comfortable and functional collections, of quality and with a certain design.

Selmark was founded by Amador J. Pérez in 1985.

In 1979 the production team moved to 2,000 m2 facilities, already suitable for all kinds of clothing operations, with the aim of producing for the national market (at that time no one thought about exporting) . As there was no corsetry textile tradition in Galicia, it was necessary to send the different professional teams to Barcelona for their training.

Factory and office in the 70's.

We designed two lines of clothing : a classic, structured one, which covered the body to the maximum, with thick fabrics, with a limited color: leather (formerly called meat) and white or ivory; designed according to its functionality. And another of small size lingerie, little concerned about support, designed for more modern young women and desiring freedom.

Lingerie from the 70s.


Innovate, seduce, expand horizons

The evolution of women is already unstoppable. The eighties brought a current of creativity, freedom and a certain excess in fashion: the motto could be more is more. In this decade, elastic fibers also appear, allowing us to explore endless possibilities.

Selmark 80's logo.

The revolution of imagination and technology triumphs in lingerie. Preforming the fabrics was a radical change in the sector, because seams could be avoided and, although bras with pointed breasts could be seen on stage, the trend was more natural on the street. Embellishments, lace and embroidery flooded the windows, which were also filled with color.

Lingerie from the 80's.

Although the 90s are always considered the antithesis of the eighties, a decade in which minimalism triumphed, the development of lingerie was enormous and the first fillers appeared, lingerie with a purpose: to reduce, increase , enhance ... One of the brand's milestones was the launch of the first seamless underwire bra . With this garment we managed to open a door in many foreign markets..

Lingerie from the 90's.

When the technological revolution reaches the world of fashion, Selmark expands its facilities to 5,000 m2, innovates in its production and design processes and internationalizes its sales , becoming present in more than 20 countries. Something that its founder had not imagined anywhere near fifteen years before

90's factory.

At the beginning of the 1990s, the generational change also took place in the direction of Selmark when Rafael Pérez, son of the founder, took over the company. With it begins an internationalization process that, from attending the Exponor fair (Portugal) from which the first contact to become a distributor came out, has led us to be in more than 40 countries.

Rafael Pérez, son of the founder of Selmark, takes over.

In our days

We set a trend in design

In 2011, the corporate identity was completely renewed, more in line with new trends, updating from the logo to the packaging, packaging, stationery ... And today we manufacture between eight and ten collections a year, more than one hundred new models in twenty colors.

Selmark logo of the year 2000.

Selmark expands its facilities to 10,000 m2 and multiplies its investment in R + D + i. The marketing network spans more than 40 countries.

Selmark factory in 2000.

We set a trend in design. We make more than 100 models a year and the development of structured models, technically perfect cups, at the service of adjustment, of support, continues with force. Tulles, embroidery, lace and tricots fill our wardrobe with endless garments for every occasion, more sophisticated, more basic, more sporty ... lingerie specializes.

Specialized lingerie.

Strongly appear shaping garments, designed to redefine, shape and stylize the silhouette, while outerwear offers close-fitting garments that need draw the silhouette inside.Selmark follows this trend with a control collection made of technical fabrics designed to keep curves under control.

Shaping lingerie.

The seduction continues to set trends with garments born to teach and suggest, but sports lingerie, but soft, the naturalness also burst forth. The tissues that care for the body are valued. The trend of healthy (food, lifestyle) spreads to intimate fashion and we have managed to make good sitting, support, comfort and technical perfection , our hallmark.